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THE NATURAL PHARMA INTERNATIONAL Group, collaborates directly and officially with some universities and their research centers, Italian and foreign.

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There are many studies by major universities in the world. They confirm the therapeutic principles of algae!

Our algae extraction product is called ABAMAV.
We have certificates of analysis of our ABAMAV product released by some PRESTIGIOUS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITIES and PRESTIGIOUS TOP WORKSHOP INSTITUTES.
They attest to the broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy of ABAMAV, superior to antibiotics, without side effects, ALSO on resistant drug bacteria, fungi and viruses.
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In these pages will guide knowledge of ABAMAV: a natural supplement extracted from algae and medicinal plants ... together with our energy therapies, complementary WILL CHANGE THE WORLD OF PHARMACOLOGY!

We have in the last six years analyzed, studied, researched and developed an extract of algae that turns out to be: a powerful natural weapon, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, which has no side effects! His name is ABAMAV!

ABAMAV is a powerful, strong and effective NATURAL antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal (antifungal) and a excellent support to the "immune system"! Also it has proved crucial in complementary therapies to fight and win some cancers! ABAMAV is a "food supplement".

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"... Nothing is impossible forever with CERTAINTY!

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IMPOSSIBLE is not forever! ...

The history of the scientific's

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Effects on the AIDS Virus, Cancer and the Immune System

Spirulina is gaining more attention from medical scientists as a nutraceutical and source of potential pharmaceuticals. There are several new peer reviewed scientific studies about Spirulina's ability to inhibit viral replication, strengthen both the cellular and humoral arms of the immune system and cause regression and inhibition of cancers. While these studies are preliminary and more research is needed, the results so far are exciting.

In April 1996, scientists from the Laboratory of Viral Pathogenesis, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School and Earthrise Farms, Calipatria, California, announced on-going research, saying "Water extract of Spirulina platensis inhibits HIV-1 replication in human derived T-cell lines and in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. A concentration of 5-10 mg/ml was found to reduce viral production." HIV-1 is the AIDS virus. Small amounts of Spirulina extract reduced viral replication while higher concentrations totally stopped its reproduction. Importantly, with the therapeutic index of >100, Spirulina extract was non-toxic to human cells at concentrations stopping viral replication.

Another group of medical scientists has published new studies regarding a purified water extract unique to Spirulina named Calcium-Spirulan. It inhibits replication of HIV-1, herpes simples, human cytomegalovirus, influenza A virus, mumps virus and measles virus in-vitro, yet is very safe for human cells. It protects human and monkey cells from viral infection in cell culture. According to peer reviewed scientific journal reports this extract, "...holds great promise for treatment of ...HIV-1, HSV-1, and HCM infections, which is particularly advantageous for AIDS patients who are prone to these life-threatening infections."

Calcium-Spirulan is a polymerized sugar molecule unique to Spirulina, containing both sulfur and calcium. Hamsters treated with this water soluble extract had better recovery rates when infected with an otherwise lethal herpes virus. How does it work? When attacking a cell, a virus first attaches itself to the cell membrane. However, because of spirulina extract, the virus cannot penetrate the cell membrane to infect the cell. The virus is stuck, unable to replicate. It is eventually eliminated by the body's natural defenses. Spirulina extracts may become useful therapeutics that could help AIDS patients lead longer, more normal lives.

Spirulina (rhymes with "ballerina") is a traditional food of some Mexican and African peoples. It is a planktonic blue-green algae found in warm water alkaline volcanic lakes. Wild spirulina sustains huge flocks of flamingos in the alkaline East African Rift Valley lakes. It possesses an amazing ability to thrive in conditions much too harsh for other algae. As might be expected, it has a highly unusual nutritional profile. Spirulina has a 62% amino acid content, is the world's richest natural source of vitamin B-12 and contains a whole spectrum of natural mixed carotene and xanthophyll phytopigments. Spirulina has a soft cell wall made of complex sugars and protein, and is different from most other algae in that it is easily digested.

Millions of people worldwide eat spirulina cultivated in scientifically designed algae farms. Current world production of spirulina for human consumption is more than 1,000 metric tons annually

All the micronutrients you see in the movie can be extracted from algae. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY - Many cardiovascular diseases will improve or resolve simply by adding algae to the diet.



Cholesterol lowering effect of spirulina.
by N. Nayaka , et al. 1988. Tokai Univ. Pub. in Nutrition Reports Int'l, Vol. 37, No. 6, 1329-1337. Japan.
Thirty healthy men with high cholesterol, mild hypertension and hyperlipidemia showed lower serum cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL (undesirable fat) levels after eating spirulina for eight weeks. These men did not change their diet, except adding spirulina. No adverse effects were noted. Group A consumed 4.2 grams daily for eight weeks. Total serum cholesterol dropped a significant 4.5% within 4 weeks from 244 to 233. Group B consumed spirulina for four weeks, then stopped. Serum cholesterol levels decreased, then returned to the initial level. Researchers concluded spirulina did lower serum cholesterol and was likely to have a favorable effect on alleviating heart disease since the arterioscelosis index improved.



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